Back to Divine work*

10712746_792449300811797_1691082834966013850_n Is there something above “divine”?

Something beyond the clouds, heaven, the House of God and Its Angels?

There must be because editing my own book is – as I´ve mentioned in previous occasions – a task so overwhelming that it makes my heart tremble (with excitemente, terror and expectations: am I able to pull this one off?).

I´m talking about editing (which in my case means RE-WRITING the whole thing and wondering “what the hell was I thinking?!” at an alarming pace) the second half of volume II and the whole volume III of my yet unpublished Trilogy “Diary of Egypt“. One volume and a half are done, at least as far as I´m concerned. I wrote those babies, edited them one time (more than 1000 written pages on the first draft) and then went for it again, all alone, after letting them rest for a year.

Now: there are professional writers who have their own editors. I´m not a professional writer (not sure about the credibility of the term “professional writer” :/ ) and I don´t have my own editor. Writing is so much fun – editing is beyond divine. Here we go again: between dance classes on line, festivals around the world and new projects that will soon come to light, I HAVE to find out time, energy, focus and a sacred space where PROPER editing is possible.

Here´s what I´ll be doing for the next couple of months (every time I manage to find free time from my main job):

Major decisions;

Killing words, ideas, characters, accessory stuff I thought would be interesting when I first wrote the book (?!);

Feeling the weight of responsibility (whatever I decide to leave in the book, will remain in the book forever);

Learning a new craft (the Supra-Writing task of Editing) while I´m at it – confirming what I always thought: you only learn something – really learn it – by doing it.

Healing process, compassion, forgiveness in the proccess. This Trilogy is 100% based on my true story and deciding what remains of it (to the public eye) is also a way of deciding what remains in my heart. Lessons learnt, victories and major blows; tests to my character and purpose; incredible humanity (and lack of) went through my veins and here I am trying to filter it and leave only what´s worth leaving for posterity.

Am I scared? Hell, yeah. Sometimes I sweat before I sit to edit this book; I require a cute cup of strong coffee (not any cup!), at least one open window for fresh air and God knows what else and a steady assurance that keeps repeating in my head: THIS IS IT: THIS IS THE BOOK THAT TOOK YOU TO EGYPT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND THE WORLD DESERVES TO READ IT.

So be it*

One rule of the road not directly stated elsewhere in this book: “The editor is always right.” The corollary is that no writer will take all of his or her editor´s advice; for all have sinned and fallen short of editorial perfection. Put another way, to write is human, to edit is divine. Chuck Verril edited this book, as he has so many of my novels. And as usual, Chuck, you were divine.”

Stephen King (“On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft” – just another book lining up on my desk, asking to be read).


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