Getting my mojo back (Shokry´s hands)

shokry love

Shokry Mohamed (RIP, great soul)

Every once in a while I forget why I´ve fallen in love with Oriental Dance – that initial fire, enthusiasm, fascination and JOY. That wouldn´t be a problem if I took my profession – life, in general – in practical terms. Deal with it and be grateful: you´ve achieved so much, accomplished every single dream you proposed to accomplish and went beyond it …what else do you want?


I want to be IN LOVE with whatever I do and no, I´m not a practical person who can work from a cold place: I need warmth, truth, guts, enthusiasm, PURPOSE and the reminder of the reason why it still makes sense to dance, perform, choreograph and teach. In times of deep amnesia or temporary loss of passion, I go back where I started. It makes sense.

Prisca Diedrich (a special teacher with an unique pedagogy, the person who first introduced me to Oriental Dance) and Shokry Mohamed (my first long term teacher – by long term I mean 9 months which, for me, it´s a really long time) – these two divine creatures (one of them is still with us and the other, Shokry Mohamed, is already in another dimension) remind me of those first steps, a time when everything was magical and I couldn´t wait to get up and dance.

I remember I used to feel I was walking on clouds every time I finished a class with Shokry – I WANT THAT BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

From all the references these two teachers offered me, the one I grab myself to with my mightiest embrace is Shokry Mohamed´s hands, two ebony birds, so soft, delicate and aquatic and yet so strong (untouchable; impossible to destroy). His hands sparkled with vulnerability and strength and they moved from his soul: no pressure to be this or that, liked or disliked, loved or hated: nothing(ness): peace(full)ness.

I lower my gaze towards the floor, I sigh and try to breathe again from that place of truth and joy and all that saves me from the dangers of boredom is THOSE HANDS: his hands: Shokry´s hands.

The incense he used to burn in his classes (Studio “Las Pirámides“, Madrid) is the same I always use in my classes, seminars, moments of lonely creation; his poems fill back my jar with roses; his smile cools me down and keeps me grounded; the immense tranquility that dominated his movements save me from amnesia – THE amnesia.

Being grateful to our teachers is not only a question of fairness, elegance, honesty and good education. For me, it´s a question of not losing track of my Purpose and Myself.


My immense GRATITUDE to all my teachers – special thanks to Prisca Diedrich and Shokry Mohamed (RIP).

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