The Power of Action*

Life has a way (or two) of testing our beliefs to the point of nonsense, non-faith or all-faith: to the point of making us believe in everything and in nothing.

I´m a stubborn optimist (against all odds ) who has learnt to build the most creative, positive, uplifting belief patterns: whatever you do from your heart reaches other people in the same way (frequency/quality) and ACTION in itself has immense power: start, start again: go on: persist: move, move, move (one magical step at a time). Even fairies and angels –  I believe in those as well (to the dismay of my “intellectual” friends who in permanent shock with this conflict – a conflict I never met with – between my so called intelligence and my infantile belief system).

Yep: life laughs at our lessons learnt, puts us and our values to the test constantly; it loves to destroy our sand castles made with children´s hands; it tears our certainties apart and makes us wonder if this reality we´re existing in is in fact reality or just a dream. And. I remain a fool optimist, a rock of water and a piece of sky that saves me from all the ugliness that exists in this world. Only Light can fight darkness and let life defy this belief – let it come and test it/me: I´m ready for the battle. 10004012_10152790377072716_4603366672513731920_nWhatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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