Lost at sea*

10703999_376568992468444_1495046862394276584_nAll right, my friends: I hope you don´t feel as lost and disoriented as I do (the world is my home, sure enough, but not knowing where I want to build my nest/core/centre is kind of…of…(breathe in and out; now repeat…ahhhhhhhh…yessssss…gooodddd girl…)…of crap. There, I said it: CRAP!

Astrology may – or not – make sense to you but it surely does to me. Besisdes, allowing heaven (what is above as what is bellow) to inspire me, make me more conscious, cool me down and guide me is not an option at the present moment: it´s a precious survival tool.

Synchronicity or whatever rebuilds the broken compass (Portuguese Navigator genes, of course!) I´ve always carried inside me (maybe it will ring a bell for you too):

Hekate enters Sagittarius, Mercury in Libra sesquiquadrate Chiron in Pisces – You may feel at a crossroads, unsure of the correct path to take. Whispers from old wounds may confuse or taunt you, tempting you to take what seems like the easier path. It’s also easy to over-react right now. You are sensitive to undercurrents and especially reactive if someone seems to trivialise what you are going through. Listen carefully to what’s really being said. If you don’t know which way to go, stand still. Call on Hekate, your Guardian angel or your higher self for help. There are invisible hands waiting to guide you along the untrodden road.”10367721_751630631538957_2410902522043904367_n

                                                               Painting – ‘In the Garden’ by Thomas Dewing

(Via Susana Vitorino, my potato sister)

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