“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” keeps receiving the Love


Despite all the problems I´ve had with the publisher of my first book (I´ve discovered there are burglars disguised as book publishers – go figure!), the joy it gives me to know so many people are reading it and sending me amazing feed-back makes it all worth it. Receiving the love and feeling grateful for the whole Journey*. Here is some of the love this wonder*ful book keeps receiving:

Absolutely in love with this book. I sincerely advice it. Full of reality. The way Joana approached the “egyptian males” with their concept of what a belly dancer is, the pursuit of her dream by avoiding “moral compromises”, her crazy natural and appreciated improvisations in any unexpected situation (which in Egypt are normality), make this book a source of push for your personal dreams and life.”

Monica Dansevents (Rome, Europe)

This book is amazing. I am able to share it with my daughter (teenage) and she says that the author is going to be put on her list of the females that she thinks is strong and empowering to others. She has even asked to share it in her girls group with other teens. I think that says a lot on its own.”

Annett Leyva (Alaska, USA)


The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life and Beyond by Joana Saahirah – EXCLUSIVELY sold by the author Joana Saahirah*

Orders via email (dancemagica@gmail.com). If you see the book for sale in any other outlet (except directly through the author), please don´t buy it and report it – resellers are still selling it without my permission.

10461846_471043236363442_1405312828_nOnce upon a time I had a dream and I chased it. This Magical Book tells about my Adventure in Egypt, the Price we pay for our Dreams and the Wisdom we gather on the Journey up the Mountain.

Almost killed, chased, shocked and amazed with an Egyptian (fascinating) underworld very few foreigners ever get to know. How did I end up living and performing in Egypt for almost a decade, succeeding in my career against all odds?

How did I do it* when everyone yelled: YOU CAN´T?! The answer to these – and other – intriguing questions is above rational understanding; it´s Magic we´re talking about. In my heart, I knew I had to go to Egypt and rescue Oriental Dance´s Soul (my own Soul) so that the World could remember, once more, why WE ARE ALIVE*. This Book is a about my real life Adventure – my (OUR) Journey*. I can hear the desert´s wind whispering: it was never only about the dance, darling. Oriental Dance is just a Door – covered in veils and luminous sequins – to a Temple where much about Life´s Adventure is to be learnt. Welcome to Egypt: welcome to the World (enjoy the Ride*)!

Introduction of my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond


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