The business of Catching Butterflies*

I´m lucky with the dancers who come to me to learn (on seminars around the world and, most recently, on my ON LINE PRIVArt-of-Leonardo-Da-VinciATE COURSES): they are beautiful, bright, talented people who inspire me as much as I work to inspire them. Teaching is learning twice, right? I believe so.

These ladies teach me loads – or simply remind me of the essential. How much would remain untold, un-danced (yes: I´ve made up a new word), untaught, never experienced if it wasn´t for them, their challenges, answers and creative participation.

One of the themes that comes back to all my teaching journeys is the MEMORIES (and Wisdom) our bodies carry and how much of Oriental Dance is about rescueing those memories. We´re a product of thousands of years of evolution and I feel – intuitively – that our bodies (minds, hearts and souls) carry a lot of valuable knowledge we´ve forgotten about.

Let me be more specific: nobody taught me this but I feel it (and that´s how I truly learn anything worth learning): our muscles, bones, nerves, blood, internal organs, hormonal systems and everything in between KNOW STUFF WE HAVE FORGOTTEN. Oriental Dance is – aside from many other wonder*ful things – a process of TRUSTING OUR BODIES, LISTENING TO THEM AND REMEMBERING the luggage they bring along to the present moment.

The body knows stuff – precious stuff we tend to ignore. I keep teaching it to myself and to other dancers,never bored with this fabulous (larger than life) magical journey. The business of catching butterflies – where others see none – is all that Oriental Dance is about.

In love on repeat mode (with my craft, my own body/treasure box, my jobs, Life!).


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