The Right Channel (radio station)

Vintage-Radio-Red2Oriental Dance requires a specific vibration: a radio station we must tune in order to be in the Channel of Love (or Tarab), the only place where this dance can actually happen.

Let´s see how many times I´ll be able to repeat it in a peaceful, fresh, passionate manner: replacing the Bitchy Syndrome (comparing yourself to others, entering in destructive competition and being evil to other dancers as to yourself without even realizing it) with the Love Channel is a must for anyone who´s interested in Egyptian Oriental Dance. I don´t mean BELLY DANCE; I don´t mean TURKISH, LEBANESE, MOROCCAN, WHATEVER THE COUNTRY MAY BE ORIENTAL DANCE; I don´t mean whatever is called TRIBAL DANCE or any other kind of mixed cocktail so many people are doing these days:


It´s a base: the ground you step on: the place from where all your movements come from and go back to: the SOURCE: the energy that will colour every little thing you do when the music starts and you co-create with it.

Forget comparisons; forget how great you presume you are (nobody cares, the world is way bigger than our own bellies – believe me!); forget that popular eagerness to please other people (we´ve all been there); forget competition, envy, sense of superiority which is nothing but a badly disguised sense of inferiority; forget the movement cathalogs where you dump all the cute stuff you´ve been learning from your teachers; forget your ego and how you look while you´re dancing; forget these illusions (and others, if you have some left): EGYPTIAN ORIENTAL DANCE requires a channel of ego-less vulnerability: a heart and a mind wide open: an attitude of giving your all without expecting applauses, pats on the back or approval: a focus on what YOU FEEL and not on what you look while you´re dancing: an acceptance of UNITY (we´re all one): the brave jump into The Great Unknown: humbleness with nobleness: LOVE: LOVE: LOVE.

Yep: it´s a cliché but it´s true: Love is the answer and Love is the Law. Tune that radio station and forget about the world (the world is inside you, anyways).

 I´ll never forget the rare occasions when I could see the truly great egyptian dancers do their thing: Souhair Zaki, above all; Nagwa Fouad; Mona el Said; Azza Sherif – just to name a few. None of them could care less about what others thought of them or which place they filled on the “world´s best bellydancer chart”. I mean: get a grip! Those ladies were so into THE DANCE, THE HEART, THE SOUL of each moment/movement that there was no space left for bullshit. Not a millimeter – thanks God.

I´m repeating this Love Radio Channel Tuning issue very often lately (on my seminars around the world as well as on my ON LINE PRIVATE CLASSES). Is is a good sign? Why do I even have to mention it so often? This mainstream amnesia makes me dizzy.


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