Don´t let them cloud your sky (the wolves under sheep skin)

Hidden agenda1907863_10152800265399886_4689466628274688350_ns: they TOTALLY freak me out.
Smart asses who presume they can turn their “hidden plans” into reality at your expense, always presuming they´re more intelligent and sneakier than everyone else. Jeez!

If you mean WHITE, say WHITE; if you mean BLACK, say BLACK.
The “sister syndrome” (a plague I got a load of while I was living/working in Egypt) comes back to haunt me:

-I´m your sister. – He says.What he really means is:

I want to jump in your pants but I don´t have the guts to say it clearly so I have to pretend I´m your friend/brother until I see you´re falling in my trap.

Childish, coward games: can´t stand them (some balls, dear ladies & gentlemen: BALLS!).

2014 has been a fabulous year but not an easy one where personal relationships are concerned: real and fake friends have been revealed on a weekly basis; games have been exposed; masks have been crudely removed: tired of so much “reality checks”. Hoping none of this characters ruins my whole perception of humanity: after so many disappointments, you tend to generalize and expect the same from everyone you meet. ´Gotta remind myself that there are exceptions to the rule and they´re out there: somewhere over the rainbow (and I´m gonna find them). Amen!



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