Where have all the Romantics gone?!

It´s 1521557_507588809354251_1492915066_nstarting to worry me beyond all the jokes I usually throw when hard times arrive: romantic, poetic, loving souls seem to be disappearing from the face of the earth (along with mental sanity, old ways of living and heterossexual men with a job who aren´t total assholes).

This lack of romanticism is everywhere: in the men I meet, in Oriental Dance (too many ambitious commercial dealers and not enough artists who are passionate about their craft), even in the book publishing business (a new world for me; a new jungle for me to grub).

No one seems to believe in “once upon a time (…) they lived happily ever after” or, at least, in the power of delicate manners. I´m not one of those corny Nicholas Sparks chicks (errr…well…I may well be, some times…); I have a somewhat balanced sense of practical reality management and I know being a romantic in the world we´re living now is very close to believing in Santa Claus. But…haven´t we been here before? The world has never been a piece of cake, has it? If we believe in the History our ancestors have been recording for centuries, we can easily deduce this world was never prone to romanticism, flowers and hugs at breakfast, impulsive and heroic knight on a white horse gestures, I´ll love you till I die for dinner with a side of mashed potatoes.

From men who try to jump into my pants like famished dogs (no, those are not only in Egypt – it seems they´re everywhere) instead of relating to me as a human being to the Oriental Dance business which is gradually losing its soul for the sake of The Plague (COMPETITION), I crave poetry: a delicate manner of handling somebody´s heart on your heands: some looking at the stars without trying to catch them: some humanity.

The fact that I can clearly hear men´s thoughts while they´re “talking” to me doesn´t help. At all 😦

1510895_658884697565520_7793655503966076155_n 1512671_1506575066282141_3191232365591306188_n

2 thoughts on “Where have all the Romantics gone?!

  1. I presume you are a woman, you made this happen, you wanted this. Everyone deserves what they get they say, so must accept the world is now the way it is, and so are men and women.
    Farewell romantic souls, forget about that, there is no room and no place left for it…


    • Dear Don (I presume you are a man),
      Your comment resumes my post. No further comments except this: the world is bigger, and much more interesting, than you may think.
      This is a probability coming from a human being, not a woman or a man.

      Much love and Merry Christmas,
      Joana Saahirah


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