The Purpose of it All*

It´s comforting to know how much I´m returning to the Center these days: dreams, love, a lucid vision on what REALLY matters (seeing beyond Maya, the illusion veil). Hope this is a good sign (you never know).

A dream: not the kind I have while I´m awaken but the kind I have while sleeping.

Me and a group of women on a terrace that reminds me of Morocco. The weather is smooth and warm (sunset in Summer time) as if a soft layer of light pink chiffon was covering our skin. Mood: totally relaxed (flowing with the wind, our arms floating over Eternity), loving, unity oriented. Scene: we – me and my lady friends – are dancing like we´ve never danced before: no professional standards or demands, no comparisons, no audience but ourselves, no expectations: just dancing in peace, together, allowing Spring to happen between our hands and caressing each other´s existences as our own. A REAL DREAM (although I was sleeping).

They say you always find what you´re looking for – I´m starting to agree.

P.S: No images in this post. I couldn´t find one which fairly translated my dream. 

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