Not your regular Joe*

1425748_790159187707475_6294336713755136183_nNever settling for just ok in anything I do. Better is on the other side of my comfort zone.

Preparing AMAZING material to teach and perform in Russia & Greece (Nov./Dec.), learning how to deal with publishers (for my upcoming book), teaching my PRIVATE ON LINE COURSES and studying the Craft of Writing (taking an On Line Course with a fabulous brazilian writer).

The dream of publishing the book that took me to Egypt (Trilogy “Diário do Egipto – a travessia do deserto“) is about to come true and a new dream (playing God! kind of dream) is here: to write my first fiction novel. Scary as hell: throwing myself at the Unknown, the Great Unknown. That´s what we´re here for, baby!

I wish I was a normal Joe with no curiosity, a small mind and heart, no great passions, no fire burning within my soul. I´m not. Maybe a quality, maybe a flaw. Who cares?

3371792Reading Virginia Woolf´s Selected Essays and technical books on the Art of Writing. 

Good girl mode is ON 🙂


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