Jude Law or The Love Man (Love is the Law, as written in my sofa and my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”)

10300170_509850649116047_4687117255392728885_n Sorry, folks: I´m stubborn and faithful in pretty much everything, including my passions: HE*Jude Law (long story made short: met the guy for a minute at Noel Coward Theatre, London, after watching his fabulous performance as “Henry V“; handed out a weird postcard to The Man, looked him in the eyes and suffered a major hormonal attack or a Cosmic Orgasm; ran away; symbolic dreams followed; longing; other stuff Sigmund Freud would not even begin to grasp if he was alive and I was laying down on his cool divan; the idea for my first fiction novel coming from my very public passion; watching life go by, quite interested to know where it will take me). 10303732_541612992606479_5801839044885016125_n1235985_10201299742288411_920244608_n[1]

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