Treasures I hold on to (innocence & company)


Ruth Orkin*





Don´t let Life take me away from who I am: the child who belives in fairies: the flame that refuses to go off: LOVE.

Don´t let the harsh Winter freeze my heart or the hot Summer melt my humbleness; don´t let me forget what Oscar Wilde reminded us of “we´re all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the starts.” Don´t let ambition blind me; don´t let me forget what´s important: to remain with a palpitating soul that is touched by madness and pain but not stained with evilness or lost in its own Way. Don´t let me forget It*. It*: what matters, what makes this life worth living. May God protect me from all the illusions which don´t add sugar to my eyes.  Amen*

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