Give me 200 years more, please!

10516800_10154544316020206_5396828559294364899_nThe notion of Time is as palpable as my own hands: I´m fully aware of the life I´ve been given and its finitude (at least for this incarnation). The dance between enjoying the moment-NOW (with presence and simplicity) and the stress of knowing how much I still want to live within the time I have left (see, experience, love, feel, learn, do, etc) leaves me breathless. It probably shouldn´t but it does – I´m only human, after all.

Books gather – pile over pile – around me: I know I´ll not be able to read them all.

Places I want to experience: they´re too many and not enough days & nights to cover them.

Things I want to do: many talents equal many responsibilities. I simply cannot dedicate my full self to ALL my passions.

People I want to love, have a connection with, learn from/with: too many…then again…against the clock: our clocks running towards demise (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…).

Lessons to be learnt – way too many for a life time. Makes me wonder why God (or whatever gave birth to Humanity) didn´t allow us to live longer in a single existence? Why do we have to finish and start all over again until all purposes for coming back are lost?

Reaching a point of SURRENDER – not the kind of “towel throwing” surrender but the surrender that comes from the ACCEPTANCE of reality: unfinished jobs, love affairs, trips, passions included.

Maybe we´re born to be limited, unfinished, unsatiable: eager to come back for more. Maybe we´re born for QUALITY and not for quantity. Maybe we´re born to be kept partially ignorant. Maybe we´re born to learn the essential (and leave the accessory behind): to love and to be loved. 

(Yep: maybe that´s the point – maybe).

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