Back to the Basics: Love is The Law*

11367_10152587611113122_3826775274870748527_n (1)Lately Life has showered me with insights coming from all sorts of sources (highly expected as well as highly unexpected). Here´s one more: no matter how great you are, how kind, how supportive, how positive towards yourself and others, how loving, how “all things beautiful in the dictionary”, not everybody´s gonna love you.

In fact, the better you are, the more enemies you seem to gather for no apparent reason. A light that shines bright usually pisses darkness off and there´s a lot of darkness in this world. Plus: there is so much self-hatred (individuals who actually love themselves are rare and you cannot request love from someone who hates him/herself). 

Understanding, accepting and flowing with realities* – life´s still sweet.


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