Women, know your limits! (Kittens and embroidery)

Almost saying10252063_775388462517881_8569973471581617253_n “sorry” for not being the type of blogger (or dancer, or human being) who pleases the masses (sharing poop & celebrity gossip & fashion stories would do the trick). Almost. Not quite. Not sorry at all 😉

I´ll try to be shallow and a shoe lover expert once in a while. Only one problem in sight: I don´t like shoes ( uh, uh: I´m an alien, in case you hadn´t figured out yet) – I think shoes oppress my tiger claws. Anyways…I´ll find a way to be “normal” (whatever that may be) once in a while.

Sarah Ekdawy, with whom I studied Creative Writing in Oxford (this Summer), started her course with the following statement and video: “Women, know your limits; all women care about is kittens and embroidery”. Kittens and embroidery keeps being reinvented at a frightening speed.

***Re-posting an essential video. Enjoy! (Search for Women know your limits BBC)***

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