The ambition of being ambition-less*

1488259_792444307478963_8908802634496024324_nDr. Martin Luther King famously said: “I have a dream.” How many of us have said it too and kept eating our sandwishes and watching our televisions?Anyway, this kind of observation is not for me (I like to believe it isn´t and real life serves as my witness): I´m a dream chaser, someone who wishes for a second and does for a century or whatever it takes to get the job – by job I mean “dream” – done.

I´d love to believe dreams come true by themselves without any action, effort, struggle from our part. Just imagine: staring at the sky and throwing beautiful wishes at it (someone, something will listen and make my dream come true) and having our dream come true ready, fresh out of the oven, wrapped in golden paper and delivered at our door . Ahhhh…I´d adore that.

I´ve tried it – it didn´t work (no goblin knocked on my door with some awesome news). As far as I know, we still have to fight for it: THE HUNT – what it seems to be the perpetual hunt. Which brings me to NEVER SAY NEVER. I´ve always (always: another dangerous word) said: I´ll never be one of those people without a hint of ambition. For me, those were the lazy bones, the cowards who refrained from even dreaming BIG in fear of failing. I despised those guys and yelled at the winds: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!

You know the rest: life happens and we grow, eventually. I´m still a hunter and a dreamer who GOES and GETS IT (making IT* happen is my middle name) but I´m starting to flirt with the idea of a life without ambition. Saying it still daunts me to the point of breathlessness:

A     L-I-F-E     W-I-T-H-O-U-T    A-M-B-I-T-I-O-N  (I see it moving in slow motion, dragging me down to a kind of territory I´m not sure I want to land on).

I´ve watched it in some of my friends: amazing, talented, bright folks with absolutely no ambition; then I added the world we´re living in, going beyond mad in the competition for MORE, MORE, MORE; then I observe the ones who have gone for MORE, MORE, MORE and got more than they bargained for (ending up miserable, lonely, self-destructive, suicidal).

What the hell is going on? I don´t know if you feel the same but it seems that an invisible hand is pulling us towards self-destruction while laughing at us (no, I´m not on drugs); we´re being pushed at a high speed against a wall where we´ll end up breaking our heads and, what is worse, losing our souls.

Are we doing this to each other? Is Capitalism, Consumism, Obsession with Achievement and Victories dragging us down the hill in the direction of our demise?

No answer to these questions so far. All I know is I´m dating a strange guy called “ambition-less” and it´s worrying me. The idea of not running after a dream (or anything/anyone else) is fascinating me the same way Pablo Picasso´s painting always did. Always – dangerous word.  10639713_688206171272027_1824684968895067635_n

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