Simply: food for the soul*

10423868_10205188729666296_4622352921517191436_nThis is today’s Thursdays throwback photo in Jazz, but not quite a throwback more of paying homage to one of our national treasures Mr. Clark Terry.
Let’s all take a pause and acknowledge the strength of this great trumpet player and contributor of the only original American art form. JAZZ!!!
Throughout all of his health adversities he still graces us with his talent.
Also everyone try to go see the movie “Keep on Keepin’on” it’s a must.
From my heart to yours thank you Mr. Clark Terry!!!

To make a donation to keep Mr. Terry’s 24/7 care, you can make it at,
click on”How you can help Clark.”

Even though it gets rough for me sometimes, I’ve always believed that you just can’t throw in the towel. No matter what! If there’s the slightest chance for victory, then we’ve got to aim for it. I’ve had days when health problems knocked me down. But I kept praying and trying with all my strength to get back up. I’d lie in my bed and lift my arms up and over my head a hundred times a day. Do whatever I could to move that circulation. I’ve kept on fighting back because there is no other choice.” – Clark Terry at 93 years old.

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