Unexpected gifts in Anchorage, Alaska*

1234606_10152777755204886_4612294013692029531_nThings are rarely what they seem and surprises (great and not so pleasant) show up on every corner, teaching us not to take life for granted.

After days of intense work in Anchorage, Alaska (teaching, performing and presenting my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” in a festival organized by Rabia Duddey), I was rescued by two special ladies who offered me heaven on a plate: Bobbie Stanley and Grace Ann. These two angel ladies took me away for one day that felt like sweet eternity: we digged into Alaska incredible beauty and breathed that fresh air in, renewing all that was dying and enjoying the moment. Wonder*ful cliché: enjoying the moment (in one of the most gorgeous natural landscapes I´ve ever seen).

Life brings us exactly what (and whom) we need at the perfect timing (although we may not see it) – some teach us hard lessons (they´re also our Masters) and others caress our hearts and heal them along the way. Images can speak louder than words. Enjoy the trip (thanks to my angels*, Bobbie and Grace Ann, for this magical journey):

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See you soon, Magical Alaska*

4 thoughts on “Unexpected gifts in Anchorage, Alaska*

  1. I loved living in Alaska and miss it terribly! I lived in Anchorage for two years. I am so glad you went!! So beautiful and the air is so clean and fresh. Its indescribable! The best fish ever too!! I hope you ate yummy Alaskan food! Did they still have their hot dog stands out in October? They are so many downtown that offer different kinds! Including kimchi hot dogs! Miss you honey!


    • Lovely Yara,
      I am not surprised you miss Alaska. I miss it and I was there just for a couple of days.
      One of the most magical and gorgeous places on earth!
      I had no time to check downtown – not even once. The only time I was taken away to see something outside of the work universe was the last day (when these wonderful ladies took me away to Paradise).
      Would really love to go back.

      Miss you too, my lovely*


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