The Rise*

I should probably offer a medal to this character: an ex-boyfriend of mine (what was I thinking?!) who´s been mentioned in way too ma1800227_617239088347306_957300191_nny places: my published book

“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”; the upcoming Trilogy “Diary of Egypt” and several of my blog posts). I don´t mean to promote him – quite the opposite. He´s a women hater with deep and dangerous unsolved psychological problems; he hates Oriental Dancers, in particular, and yet he makes his money out of them (life´s so damn crazy! You don´t wanna know…).

Back to the medal offered to the villain: this character is so bad (or good, depending on your perspective) that it´s impossible not to use his words, attitudes and thoughts in order to illustrate Madness.

Picture this: me and him (while I was still under the effect of psychotropic drugs) were having coffee at “Beano´s”, a great chain of modern coffee shops in Cairo, Egypt. There comes a very well known model (who also acts in some egyptian movies) we both know (I´d met her just a few years ago in a fashion shooting where my ex was photographing her). She came by to say hi to us, nicer and more beautiful than ever before (at my own eyes).

-She´s so sweet. – I commented, after she left our table.

-Yeah…but…time passes, you know? She used to be beautiful but now…did you check her wrinkles? She´s over – so over. – He answered. 

I didn´t see her wrinkles, specifically. I saw a gorgeous woman. The wrinkles, as every other part of her Being, looked perfect to me and none of it yelled “she´s over”. My impression was: “she´s more beautiful than before” and I´m glad to say this is exactly what I think when I see my own female friends growing up. I have a few precious stones who have been around for many years (10, 12 years is a long time for me) and I simply cannot see them the way that ex-boyfriend saw that model. In fact, I see them increasingly beautiful and rejoice in that vision.

He said she was heading towards the end – falling, baby: she´s falling. He said (and he´s not alone, sadly). Of course he´s the kind of person who fears time, years and getting old like vampires fear garlic. Anyone who looks down on themselves tend to look down on other people – especially men who hate women (which is the case).

She´s rising – she said. I said. This is how I see myself: growing up, adding life to my face, body, mind, heart and soul. Growing up – or older – shouldn´t be a one way ticket to hell, as most societies wants us to believe. We´re made for happiness and Autumn is not uglier than Summer; Winter is not uglier than Spring. Every season has its own beauty and so do we.

P.S: Seriously thinking about that medal. He deserves it, poor fellow. 


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