Professional traveller (breathe in & out, please)

10660196_10152851342620850_7506544379372802682_nPlease, dear friends, don´t be mad at me: I´ve quit counting the people who send me bitter sweet messages or the ones who comment directly to my face (with an undisguised fury):

Wow, you´re such a tourist! Having fun all over the world…what a life!

Facts: I was on vacation 1 time (India, 2010) in the past 12 years. Every other trip I´ve made was for work or study (last Summer, studying Creativing Writing in Oxford, England). You read it well: please don´t die of jealousy: I travel FOR PROFESSIONAL REASONS and I WORK my ass off, although most of you don´t get to witness it. 

I do have fun while traveling but I´m not on vacation. If most of the photos you see (dear Facebook: feeding personal hates, competition and lives´comparions for more than 13 years) look like I´m on vacation, it´s because the time when I´m actually working I´m not holding a camera or worrying about being photographed: I AM WORKING. Now this will make you – probably – even more furious but here we go: I ALSO HAVE FUN WHILE I´M WORKING (ayyyyyyyyy: did that hurt? Those moments you don´t get to see on facebook) – yes: it´s terrible: I do what I love and people appreciate it and pay me for doing it. Bonus: I get to travel the world and be the author/subject of the photos that rise so much controversy on my rare moments of relaxation.

Don´t want to mess with this wound any further – that´s enough for now. Just RELAX: I travel for work; in fact, I´m a work horse like very few you´ll ever meet in your life. Is that better now? There you go: breathe in and breathe out (now repeat).10570315_10154504362520206_8183695646296997306_n

2 thoughts on “Professional traveller (breathe in & out, please)

  1. what people don’t understand is travelling doesn’t mean a vacation. You’re using up your energy to explore, learn and indulge! All inclusive resorts where you get to pamper yourself, that’s a vacation! 🙂


    • Yep, Tisha. That too. But it gets even more interesting when, in fact, I´m constantly traveling FOR WORK but people build a phantasy life for me (getting quite mad and jealous about it). I´m not a professional tourist – don´t even know if I´d like to be one. I´m a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and author who happens to enjoy her work (and a big part of it is traveling and enjoying amazing places). You would suppose people would feel happy for me but most don´t 😦


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