Not rushing to give birth (to my next book)


Listening to John Mayer (on repeat mode) and holding back my horses (in order not to explode – which reminds me I have to go back to the gym to spend all this extra martian energy).

Thinking: you gotta love your mistakes – they can be lessons learnt. I love mine but aim at never repeating them (not the same ones; I´ll go for new mistakes which can teach me new lessons).

After writing, editing, promoting and publishing my first book (“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond“) all by myself and without earning a penny, there are some great lessons already learnt and one of them is NEVER RUSH TO PUBLISH A BOOK YOU KNOW DESERVES to be taken seriously. Take your time; be patient (hard one!); don´t sell a jewel for a couple of bucks; don´t sound too anxious or eager to go for the first deal a publisher offers you.

The Trilogy “Diary of Egypt” (3 volumes of a bombastic book I´m deeply proud of) deserves to be published by proper hands. Thankfully, several publishing houses have shown interest in the book and I´ve been holding meetings with them (checking out contracts, discussing and altering them; taking the time and focus to CHOOSE what´s best for me and my new literary baby). Not all of it has been a bed of roses – no field seems to be. I´m, once more, learning a new craft and entering a world that is yet a stranger to me.

Back to the DREAMS COMING TRUE subject: no one tells you how many curves, mountains, rocks and dragons you find on the way but that´s all right. That lesson has been learnt a long time ago.

New BOOK coming to life soon – be patient (as I´m learning to be).10659159_284319795092619_8455453152452623884_n

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