Learning to say Nothing*

1489036_489553021165356_1771081780_nNo matter how well intentioned our parents may be, they´re flawed human beings doing the best they know, carrying their own illusions and ignorance. They carry them and pass them on to us with love, trying to prepare us for life, to protect us from evil and to make sure we´re decent, responsible citizens of this crazy, chaotic world. They “educate” us with patterns of thought and behaviour they´ve received from their parents without ever questioning them and most of us perpetuate those patterns with the same level of faithful unawareness.

One of the golden rules/patters my mother taught me (which, I´ve been discovering that does apply to real life) was:

YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TO EVERYONE WHO SPEAKS TO YOU; IT´S RUDE TO IGNORE PEOPLE when they direct you their word (do you hear me, girl?).

Not so fast, mum. I get your point but I´ll have to disagree – once more (we´re good at disagreeing with each other): not everyone who speaks to me deserves an answer. I have learnt to say NOTHING: ZERO: BLANK: EMPTINESS. The best answer – the only answer – can be the absence of an answer. It took me a really long time until I got it but here I am: learning to keep my mouth shut and to ignore whatever & WHOEVER doesn´t deserve my attention, time and words.

P.S: Love you, mum!10610765_790151421041585_8901975589871433893_n

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