Back to (my own) Wonderland*


A fascinating piece of art : “Alice Through the Looking Glass” located in Guildford’s Castle Grounds (Surrey, UK.) in a walled garden behind the bowling green, close to the house where Lewis Carroll used to live.


Is it Mercury dancing along with Scorpio? My mind and intuition are sharper than ever – understanding, seeing, feeling, knowing too much and too deep (for my own good). Revelations of every sort coming to town, flowing from my chest without restraint, trying to break through glasses (hello, Alice in Wonderland!), minds, worlds. Yet the world is not always ready for it – for me. I guess silence can be a message as well (I guess but I´m far from being sure). Letting this scorpio dust calm down – gathering my strength, words, dance and message for the right moment, the right people (is there such a thing as “right people”?!). Staying put, in the backgroud, for a while can be a great way to win a battle. For now: back to the moon*

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