The Cake (and its cherries)

Wish you could se10620800_10152443365232621_6111612607217099463_ne me now, releasing a soft smile of contentment, breathing in the flame of a candle that seems to light up by itself when my mind starts to have fun (creating). Wish you could see how great it is to grow up (growing older is an overrated, misunderstood topic) and how much these big feet of mine have revealed so far.

My mum says I´m constantly jumping from the “cabaret to the convent” (and vice-versa): my work allows me to share my life with thousands of people (friends, strangers, audiences, sponsors, students, family I gather all over the world) as well as  keeping moments of solitude (not loneliness) to myself. Furthermore: I NEED these two sides of existence: the plural and the singular. Further(even)more: don´t get me wrong but my own company is the best. It is (for me, at least, and that´s quite enough). No one is as much fun as I am with myself – I confess (slightly shy): I´ve wondered and marvelled at my own company on several occasions.

Adding quality people to this cake (I´m the cake) is like the cherry I add to what is already pretty delicious but, mind you!, it´s just a bonus track, an extra mile, a detail that makes the house even more gorgeous. Nonetheless: back to the basics:

I´m the cake, even if the cherry (or cherries) I put over my head are amazing.

I usually refrain from touching this subject because most people will certainly misunderstand me but (what the heck!) here it is: MY OWN COMPANY IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD – anyone else who joins in this party is welcome if he/she comes with his/her heart on his/her hand yet still…I´m the cake.

Hoping you´re your own cake as well 😉 and that we meet, some day, on a kitchen table, under the stars, at a bakery, anywhere where cakes join with cherries, allowing each other to bloom.


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