Can I offer you my hand, gentlemen?

Oh, boy! And I mea10712861_658233784297278_7412982651876500230_nn: boy, not man 😦

The more I travel the world, the more amazing women I meet and the more lost men seem to be (am I wrong? Secretly wishing I am). Poor fellows – no hint of irony in this statement. They´re having a hard time to adjust to the fast rise of women and, as far as I see it (them; us), they´re lost, utterly lost and trying hard to be as human as we are (trying to be).

Most women I meet are truly remarkable: intelligent, beautiful (in and out), fun, interesting, hard working, brave, gutsy, creative and then some. They don´t take the shit their mothers and grandmothers took from men; they don´t depend on anyone but themselves and they clearly have a new set of rules and demands men were never pushed to follow. There are still remains of the old world (a jail can be comfortable in many twisted ways), a world where women would kill to have a poor bloke by their side, a house, a family (whatever “a family” means), a father for their children (any father), a guy who assures them a name, value and existence. Extreme remains of this old world can be frequently found in African and Arab countries (hello, my dear Egypt!) as well as in the crowds of the so called civilized countries but, don´t kid yourself, a NEW ORDER IS GROWING and it´s HERE TO STAY.

As a lover of men (it has something to do with their testosterone: I  love it!), I cannot but feel for the male part of the equation and hope they´ll eventually catch up with us, women of the new world. Life´s great without a great man by our side but it´s even greater with one* of those. Women who love to be WOMEN wait for MEN who know how to be MEN – balls included, please don´t forget your balls – under a new light, new dawn, new day: under a new MENTALITY that assumes we´re PARTNERS, not master and servant & not sun and shadow anymore.

A great man who feels proud of having a great woman by his side; a man who´s not afraid of his woman´s achievements, intelligence, talents, ambitions, beauty, zest for life; a man who´s so intelligent and strong that he doesn´t have to prove it through aggressivity, control and power games; a man who´s so sure of himself that he allows and inspires his woman to be the best version of herself. THAT kind of MAN for THIS kind of WOMAN* – AMEN! 

I´m sure many – new world – women will agree with me 😉 1901271_518211968299461_1759172624_n

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