“The Secrets of Egypt” BOOK – EXCLUSIVELY SOLD BY THE AUTHOR (Joana Saahirah)


IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all future readers of my book
“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”:

AuthorHouse – the band of thieves-pseudo publishing house that has been selling my book since January 2014 without ever paying me a penny – is NOT AUTHORIZED TO SELL IT ANYMORE. if you find it anywhere – except through the author which is me -, please report it and DON´T BUY IT.

I´ve cancelled my contract with this publisher due to theft and permanent dishonest and unprofessional conduct.

Whoever is interested in buying the book, should contact me directly (with the perk of receiving your own personal autographed copy) via email (dancemagica@gmail.com) and NOT the usual websites where it has been sold.

Thank you all and happy reading!

P.S. Living and learning. For all the friends and readers who have already bought the book and feel bad for me: DON´T.

I agree – above everyone else – it´s not fair to write, edit and promote a book ALL BY MYSELF and make absolutely no money from it while a pseudo-publishing house takes advantage of me and makes profit out of my work but, hey, no one said life´s fair. I know it isn´t.

Thanks for your concerns and compassion (they are well deserved and appreciated) but I believe everything happens for a reason and I don´t regret any of the steps taken. Life is full of challenges, discoveries, lessons and sign posts – we have to READ the lines and what´s hidden beneath them and move on (wiser).

The first steps of this marvellous book have been blessed – despite the fact that I haven´t made a single penny from it; many readers have been informed, inspired and empowered by the book and I know – for a fact – that many others will be. This Journey has just begun and everything happens in the exact way it´s supposed to happen.

Amen to Life and to US! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Orders of the book via email (dancemagica@gmail.com). Receive your own personal autographed copy by the hands of Joana Saahirah*

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