The Achievers & the Critics


My dear friend (as well as teacher and passion for dance partner) Mahmoud Reda ( Father of Egyptian Folklore & founder of the famous Reda Troupe) reminded me constantly:

-The ones who know and can do things, go ahead and do them; the ones who know how to do it but, for some reason, cannot do things, teach them; the ones who don´t know how to do things and cannot do them as well become critics.



Universal rule: the ones who don´t actually DO things (the pseudo-intellectuals, the wish upon a star professionals, the stick up their asses who are such cowards they never dare to try in order not to fail) are the ones who CRITICIZE who actually moves forward and MAKES THINGS HAPPEN.
Never fails. 10414400_10154738148620206_6034641813298737985_n

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