The Actress in me (honesty & egoless rule)*

10152441_510809669052068_7664010948351926425_nI need my own evasions – always needed and (presume) I always will. Cinema is one of them – nothing like a great movie in a dark, silent room with a side of popcorn.

What most people don´t know about me is that I studied Acting (at the Conservatoire/Superior School of Theatre and Cinema – Portugal and Spain). Yep: I was headed to be an Actress when Oriental Dance caught me by the horns and kidnap me for life (so far). Days have 24 hours (so they say) and we cannot focus or achieve greateness in everything at the same time – choices are the B……(aside from book editing and world politics) and we let stuff we love behind in order to pursue other stuff that we love even more.

I still worked as an Actress for about a year (theatre and television) before I headed to Egypt for what is now known as the beginning of my Magical Journey (and career – both are impossible to separate). Although my passion for Acting was sacrificed for the sake of dance, it has never really left me. I´ve been using it in my work – and life, in general – more often than I can recognize. It has even – literally – saved my life (don´t even ask: long story).

Some of the treasures I got from my Acting training make me the dancer, teacher and person I am today, reminding me all is connected and there is a common purpose which unites all art forms: HUMAN COMMUNICATION  (with ourselves, with others which are ultimately ourselves and with the Divine in us).

Cinema therapy i10435871_572723166194051_2207220492149033407_nt was: I watched Robert Downey Jr (at the top of his game as an Actor) and the fabulous Robert Duvall in their newest movie: “The Judge” and marvelled at the perks of a quality script and acting.

While I watched them playing – seriously playing -, I was reminded of the privileges I enjoy as a dancer who  happens to have been educated as an actress. One of them is the awareness of HONESTY; other is RELAXATION (which comes from internal security); the other is an EGOless approach to the creative work and, last but not the least, the ability to fill other person´s shoes (or the art of story telling from a place of truth and personal experience) – no amount of smartness, tricks, even education or self-assurance can beat those guys. Without them, there can´t be great Acting or, for that matter, great Dance (and yes, this also applies to life).

There are all kinds of reasons that explain why people get into any remotely artistic profession – I can immediately spot the ones who do it from pure vocation and talent (nothing makes me cry of joy as much as the sight of pure talent). Those – in Acting, in Dance and in life  – will perfectly understand what I mean when I mention those pearls.


How much space for learning there is in this world – ah! – it never ceases to amaze me. 

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