Joana Saahirah of Cairo in USA (thanks, America!)

10371937_10152458793869886_7625641294300501470_nSo much to tell, appreciate,think and dream about; so much to be thankful for.

The people you meet are the ones who make a trip unforgettable, no matter how gorgeous places may be. My first tour in USA was made  of amazing human beings (and animals) – sponsors, students, audiences, strangers who gave me much, Rocky´s cats, squirrels, bears, oh well, the list is long… – and the respective landscapes, equally beautiful and welcoming.

Saying I felt at home is kind of redundant because that´s how I feel everywhere I go. The world is my home – indeed. USA just proved a little bit more colourful, probably because the student (me) was ready for the teacher.

Back to Lisbon for a little while (breathing, re-centering myself, taking care of my new book publishing and other life changing subjects – what a ride!); already preparing to leave once more (teaching, performing and lecturing in Russia and Greece, next on my agenda).


Photo taken in Anchorage, Alaska*

Leaving a short THANK YOU NOTE over here (hoping to return soon to USA):

1. Thanks to the sponsors who trusted me and my work: Morocco – aka Aunt Rocky (more than a sponsor: a true supporter and a great mother); Rabia Duddey (whom I joined in her dream of making the first Oriental Dance Festival in Alaska); Erika Ochoa, a kindred spirit with a huge heart and so much to give. Thanks, ladies – impossible to share my Vision* of Oriental Dance (and Life) in the USA if it wasn´t for your faith in me.

2. All the dancers and audiences that were present at the events. Quite logical but important to repeat: my work would not exist (and grow) if it wasn´t for your participation, interest, appreciation, respect and love.

3. The strangers I met along the way: kind, beautiful, generous, interesting people who have taken me a little further into the meaning of HUMANITY.

4. Everyone who supported the events but, for any reason, could not participate. Supporting artists & teachers who do a serious work (of love) is a privileged way of participating. Thanks for sharing the events and recommending them in your dance communities.


What I hope to have left in USA is the seed of a higher awareness regarding Oriental Dance, Women and Life – they´re naturally connected. I´m sure – and thankful in advance – this seed will grow and bring amazing fruits for us and for generations to come. My gratitude goes directly into your hearts – now and always (see you soon, USA!)


Photo taken in Alaska (by the dearest Bobbie Stanley) during our expedition into the wild 🙂

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