The true American Spirit*

I may be many things but coward or stupid I´m not. I know that being awaken and having a working brain in this world comes attached with a price tag – Freedom, above all, costs a LOT (so many people have given away their lives for it).

Once I decided to post a short comment on USA poli1904038_873723359319085_4989901788622788539_ntics, I knew I would be exposed to different opinions and levels of awareness (or ignorance) but God forbid it that will stop me from stating out loud what I believe to be FAIR and HONOURABLE. Having said this and adding the fact that I DO CRITICIZE a LOT of countries´politics (you´ve been quite distracted if you think USA politics is the first I publicly question), this is all I have to say:

1. I´m not against any country or people in particular – in fact, I had a fabulous time in USA as I usually have in every country I ever visited for work or pleasure (or both 😉 which is mostly the case). None of my comments are directed at people but at the system that is rulling them.

2. I will not support any Goverment which promotes WAR, CONFLICTS, IGNORANCE, CAPITALISM that enslaves human beings and turns them into famished machines, RACISM or ANY KIND OF INJUSTICE OR PREJUDICE. This is not a statement against USA – at all. It´s a statement against IGNORANCE, OPPRESSION, THE BANKS AND CORPORATIONS WHICH ARE RULLING US ALL INTO DISASTER AND SELF-DESTRUCTION (inside and outside the USA).

3. I do admire the TRUE American Spirit because, believe it or not, I´m part of it. I may not be an American – I´m a proud citizen of the world who happens to have been born in Portugal, considered by the also portuguese Fernando Pessoa as the Eye that Sees the World through the Ocean); I may not live in America but I do believe in the POWER OF DREAMS AND THE FAIR COMPENSATION FOR YOUR VALUE, TALENTS AND HONEST WORK and that, dear folks, is what America stands for. I´m not a stranger to following your dream in a far away land – as generations and generations of human beings did while heading to America. I´m not a stranger to the FREEDOM of SPEECH and the CREATIVE AUDACITY that shapes the american internal tissue. I´m no stranger to thinking, doing and dreaming BIG – the very foundation of USA.

Mark Twain said it (check quote in this post – right above) and I won´t contradict him. USA stands for empowering and dreams come true – all in a big, larger than life scale. That means – aside from other things – I am free to see what´s not working. Dreams should be available to EVERYONE, not only to those in power and that, ladies & gentlemen, is (I believe) what USA stands for (and what its Corporations seem to ignore).

If I´m an ignorant – as dear Carlene so kindly called me -, feel welcome to educate me. I am a good student 😉


Post dedicated to the lovely Carlene Avis Joy (from Seattle)

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