The Power of Kindness (New York diner)*

My10641104_10154896822135206_941869411185317433_n first TOUR in the USA has just ended (already planning for a 2015 come back) and it´s obvious – as it has always been – that I learn more than I teach on my journeys. Travelling the world while doing the work I chose and still feel in love with is a privilege for many reasons but, if I´d have to choose only one, this would be it: I have the chance to learn – and consistently relearn – the Art of Being (Human).

Location: a typical american diner in New York.

Time: end of September, when Summer is holding hands with Autumn (still shy, still preparing to launch).

Situation: an afro-american lady is preparing to serve me lunch.


-Good afternoon, miss. How´ya doing today? – She asked me, kind but absentmindedly.

-I´m all right. What about you? How are ya´doing today? – I answered, stressing the word “´ya” (it exists: ask New Yorkers).

She stopped for a second; her eyes wandering around the greasy tables; her hands shaking, almost dropping the orders´notepad she was carrying. I waited for her answer, trying to establish eye contact in silence, that kind of silence that yells: I´m here with you, right now, and I MEAN IT when I ask you how are YOU doing?

Then she realized (it*). Her eyes lighted up like Christmas bulbs hanging from a pine tree:

-Thanks for asking, miss. I´m doing fine. Better now that you asked. – She smiled.

Life had changed with the turn of a simple question filled with true (connection) intention – maybe life hadn´t changed but just started. She was important to me at that very moment and she suddenly recognized it.

– We´re ONE, sister. My well being is YOUR well being. – I could have said but it wasn´t needed.

Hint: be kind to other people, ALL people. Rudeness, arrogance, presumption of superiority are so uncool, ugly and inelegant. Really. 

Another hint: racism (still a social problem in USA – go figure!) is the fastest way to prove your ignorance and stupidity. Really (multiplied by 1000000).


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