The BEST (and worst) of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” Book

10612877_854016541288891_8850224727937767640_nDreams come true are always interesting when you walk straight (all kinds of straight: honestly, bravely, openly, lovingly): no one can prepare you for reality and its colourful landscapes – no sir! No dream fulfilled is ever 100% white or black – all shades of grey are included, thank you very much.

Still a romantic, still a movie fanatic, still a believer in fairies, white bearded Santa, gnomes, miracles and “they lived happily ever after” kind of love. Nonetheless, romantic and “mystical” (damn! I´ve been called that more times than I would like to admit) doesn´t mean stupid or out of reality. Just because I CHOOSE to ignore the dirt and focus on the sunny side of the street doesn´t mean I don´t see the dirt. (Oh, I do, did: BIG TIME!).

So… 😉 another dream come true (with its own black, white and shades of grey): my first published book

“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” is changing people´s minds and hearts all over the world since it was released last January. Here´s the thing: I wrote it, edited it, re-edited it and have been promoting it ALL BY MYSELF while keeping my dance career more alive than ever and after writing a trilogy (3 volumes of a BOMBASTIC book) that will be released in 2015. NOT for lazy bones, I must add.

1920588_641283625992294_3801790992707275263_nThe black part of the equation:

1. ´Haven´t received a penny from the publisher – Author House (highly unrecommended) until now. Yes: you read it well: I, the author, the editor and only promoter of the book haven´t received a penny for my work/effort/passion/time/energy. I should be dragging their asses to court but that would cost me time, money and energy that I need for other – higher – goals. Conclusion: living and learning. Plan on cancelling my contract with the publisher. Any future reader can buy the book directly through the author (me!) instead of feeding burglars´accounts.

2. The copy-cats. Unavoidable and I knew it. Some say copy is the highest form of compliment – not sure if I agree but I certainly have to get over it (done it, seen it, went wayyyyyyyyy beyond it). I´ve seen my dance, choreographies, words copied more times than I say “hello” and – you know what?! – that´s ok with me. Then again: I really don´t have time (or patience) to run after copy cats with a stick. Thanks God, creativity flows so abundantly from my soul that I´m always a step ahead of the clone machine.

3. The funniest, rudest comment I´ve heard so far (related to the book). Here´s what happened:

I was signing copies of my book that dancers & general audience had bought (people usually like to have their own personalized autograph on their copy). All was well, cool, love oriented and kind until…(until!) a young woman comes along with a copy of the book on her hands and stands right there, waiting for tomorrow, with a mysterious look on her face:

– Do you also want me to sign your copy, darling? – I asked her, pointing at the quiet book on her hand.

-Oh, no! (she said in horror); I don´t want you to sign my copy at all – only if you really want to. – She answered, face expression changing from mysterious to “I´m smelling a rotten squirrel and I don´t know what to do about it”.

– Oh, I really don´t want to. – I bluntly answered, leaving that (hot) spot and the rotten squirrel behind.

I mean: WTF? Why would I want to sign my own book & for my own sake? Will I win the lottery if I sign it? Will I find jude Law on my bed if I sign it? Will world wars end if I sign it? Will my signature confirm – once and for all – that I´m the author -, instead of an alien who dropped by from a long journey which started on planet Mars?!

(Not saying that I´m not an alien coming from Mars – I might be)

1185000_734350856605728_839615285_nThe white part of the equation:

1. The conversations I´ve had with readers from all over the world – people – dancers and non dancers – who have felt inspired, mirrored, empowered, informed and instilled with courage while reading the book. Some of them send me messages and emails and others have the chance to say it in person. Either ways: you all make my heart sing.

2. Readers who keep recommending the book to friends, family members, lovers, teachers and students and so forth. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Your appreciation and generosity make me want to do more and BETTER.

3. A specific message sent by Annett Leyva (Alaska, USA). Her comment on the book was :

This book is amazing. I am able to share it with my daughter (teenage) and she says that the author is going to be put on her list of the females that she thinks is strong and empowering to others. She has even asked to share it in her girls group with other teens. I think that says a lot on its own.”

Inspiring generations of women: wow! Could I ask for more? I guess I have to find a new word to translate “beyond proud” ´cause that´s exactly how I´m feeling.


For updates on the Book, go to its Fan Page on Facebook.

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Me and the baby in Chicago (Pineapple Dance Studio)*

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