Temptations (of an anti-shopaholic)*

1525376_10154840095470206_1019996278501625042_n I didn´t see it coming (how could I?).

Not your celebrated material girl. Not a regular shoe lover – more of a regular bare feet lover. Not a cloths lover – more of a naked lover. Not a shopaholic by any measure (except when the subject is “entering the devil´s nest” (aka bookshop). What happened, then? I was walking towards the studio (innocently, I swear) where I taught my New York seminars (5th Avenue working its magic on me, babe!) when I met, face to face, what would soon be my favourite shop in the whole world (Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli apart – I can´t afford these guys, what the hell am I even talking about?!): FREE PEOPLE.

Simple, down to earth cloths that, for some reason, talked to me (wait: did I just say “cloths that talked to me”?! – I´m gone bananas, totally gone…) and caught my heart by the weakest string. I was instantly hooked. Girlie mode is ON (at least until the fever goes away).

P.S: Free People and Starbucks should consider sponsoring my next USA TOUR (2015). Just sayin´…# 976 1505994_10154924710725206_1793579293868502785_n9444_10154917145190206_278591034322574514_n1798003_10154841780505206_6410199983762952695_n10731136_10154871420685206_5128525633543379614_n10660352_10154899981845206_7709858563443280723_n

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