(Still) The Law (what makes you shiver?)

Some take it too seriously and others get surprisingly (or not) annoyed by it: my very public passion for Jude Law


Courtesy photo of my man´s behind (looking way less than his best) sent by my friend – St. Anthony! – Paulo Lage. Image from “Dom Hemingway”, what seems to be the best cinema role Jude Law has played so far.

(the Actor) seems to be here to last and bother quite a crowd (to my amusement).

After I´ve shortly met him in London – I watched him playing “Richard V” at Noel Coward Theatre (with just enough time to say hi, hand him a bizarre postcard with a Renaissance painting on it and run away with a major Cosmic Orgasm or, simply put, a mean Hornomal Revolution) –  all hell or paradise broke loose:

there were dreams after it (highly symbolic dreams and not a hint of what you´re probably thinking of – those dreams are kept for the day time 😉 ); there was the seed for a novel – what will be my first novel (scout´s word). And, oh yeah, there were MANY interesting comments, questions, hurried and worried messages telling me how many kids he has, how he cheated on his girlfriend with a nanny (outch!) and how much of a womanizer he is. There were also marriage inquiries (persistent and fierce) and baby planning (prospection: you too actually look alike: imagine how cute your kid will be!).

There´s a problem, you see? I suffer from two major conditions: lucidity and sense of humor. Bonus: I never take myself, life or others too serious – never (product of the LIVING AND LEARNING series).

Here´s all you need to know by now: Jude Law´s name came up while my dear Erika Ochoa (who sponsored me in Chicago, USA, with so much love and professionalism) was photographing me. Here was my reaction (it speaks for itself):     10350426_10152779684054886_7889184744264705607_n 10590590_10152779685004886_5288085826193891917_n

P.S: I know this is hard to swallow but smoke the pipe, please: I enjoy the sight of GORGEOUS men (inside AND out), the same way men enjoy the sight of gorgeous women (inside AND out, I like to believe). If you add TALENT  to it, you got my attention (at least for a little while). If you add INTELLIGENCE to the mix, the story starts to get serious. If you add KINDNESS, HONESTY & COURAGE, you can start planning a wedding. If you add to all this a pinch of (impossible to predict or control) PASSION, TRUST AND THAT LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, then you (we) have a TRUE STORY. Until then, just have fun (I know I do 😉 )

(Keeping my fingers crossed)

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