Cheers to the dumb blond!

Long story. 45799_454652657939284_1295139131_n

Living may well be about learning how to turn rocks into diamonds simply because you cannot walk ahead without finding those rocks – unless you refrain from living.

I´ve been taken as a dumb blond since early childhood – this is not a new phenomenon. Looking like a nordic angel (with an unmistakeable gipsy twist) and acting like a “street girl”, hanging out with the “wrong crowd” in schools where teachers were thrown out of the windows by furious kids with drug problems didn´t help. Every single time I handed an exam (with an A grade stamped on it), teachers questioned if that was my exam. ALL THE TIME.

It cannot be your exam! It just can´t! – They would naturally exclaim with no intention to hide their astonishment. Could I blame them? (Well: maybe I could). I didn´t fit the “smart girl with A grades” profile on any level. But then…what´s the profile of a “smart girl with A grades”?! That´s THE question.

Some men have told me (after recovering from the shock of the discovery: oh, wait!, she´s not stupid at all – howwwwww?):

Ah…who would have thought?! You´re a smart cookie, aren´t you? – They ask me, as if they have found the cure for all the world´s diseases.

-No, darling: YOU are a smart cookie; I´m just intelligent. – I answer with a dumb expression on my face, the perfect match for the (im)perfect question.

I´ve been taken as a dumb blond ever since (and, I must admit, mostly to my advantage). Play them while they presume they are playing you – that´s my motto, baby. Oh, yes, I´m as dumb as they come – wait until reality strikes you on the face. Maybe you cannot change the world in a minute but you can change your attitude towards it and use people´s prejudices and ignorance in your favour – no, this is not high morals philosophy but it´s a PHD on a very particular university called LIFE*.

A friend of mine (Susana Vitorino), once commented, laughing out loud:

-I imagine their shock and disorientation (talking about men who meet me in person) when they start to hear you talk. It´s like hearing JFK (Kennedy) talking from the mouth of Marilyn Monroe.(And let´s face it: Marilyn looked dumb but I seriously doubt that´s what she was).

Let´s play it, ladies & gentlemen. The dumber they think you are, the more they reveal; the more they presume they´re playing with you, the more chances you have to play them. Life doesn´t seem to be fair – we´ve got that clear. But – by God – isn´t it fun?! (buuuahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhh – gutural, cave like, devilish laughter as the soundtrack to this post).


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