Broken Glass*


Photo taken at the famous “Gutter Bookshop” in Dublin, Ireland.

Broken glasses shattered on each other´s faces – this is how I see us all (ever more clearly as time passes by). We´re all wounded – somehow, in some place, in some particular or/and universal way – and most of us are totally unaware of it.

My first USA TOUR was amazing on many levels – professionally but not only. Meeting so many different and amazing people and places in such a short time (only one month that was worth years) made me realize with absolute clarity how fragile we are and how much of our broken wings (or glass) we throw on each other in the hope of some sort of connection. Rather beautiful as well as scary, this thing called GROWING UP (seeing the world beyond illusions without losing our innocence).

Compassion is – once again – in the order of the day. It has always been, I know. Laughing a bit about each other´s fragilities also makes things lighter but, above all this, FORGIVING is what strikes me as the most urgent attitude. More than that: forgiving is an essential survival tool (I´ve arrived to that conclusion in my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” but it´s never too much to rewind and repeat it).

With caring love and delicate whispers, I take YOUR (broken glass) heart between my hands and rock it as if it was a baby. It is.10646790_10154789098390206_1056560850974918284_n

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