“Oui, je suis Candide” – (thanks, Voltaire!)

1521247_10152702678268912_1270755416_nChicago is proving to be the happiest rollercoaster: thanks God!

I´m no stranger to pain, sadness, shock, disappointment, cruelty, injustice, betrayal or the many shades of darkness that human experience so generously offers us. No, sir. I´m indeed extremely familiar with them (´been through hell and have arrived to heaven with no plans to go back on the journey) -nonetheless, I believe we can turn darkness into light and become better people in the process. It´s called ALCHEMY: it´s  basically LIFE. 

Carrying around the evilness we know exist in this world or the sense of “being a victim of circumstances” brings no benefit to whoever crosses our paths.

I forgive – never forget.

I forgive but learn my lessons and refrain from putting my head inside a lion´s mouth once I discover he/she is the biting kind.

I´m known for drastically and coldly erasing people from my life with no interest to go back in time or ever accept them in my inner circle – EVER again. I offer many chances but once you´re done, YOU ARE DONE. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me a third time and you may throw me into an asylum because I must have lost my mind. I deal poorly with ressentment and lack of absolute trust; I have no talent to be a 50% friend/lover/partner or a police man who controls other people´s lives (or being the target of a police man who aims at controlling my life).

Freedom, honesty, loyalty, love, respect, kindness, TRUE and OPEN intentions towards others are essential to me. Without these perks, I´ll shake your hand, wish you good luck but move on, making my best not to cross ways with you again. No one is perfect – no one meaning me.

Yep: life has brought me a lot of GREAT things and people as well as deep sadness and creatures so unhappy that they could only offer me unhappiness (that´s how they feel towards themselves and that´s all they have to offer me). Nonetheless…I am Candide. Je suis Candide (thanks, Voltaire!).

I suffer from a conscious self-appointed amnesia that makes me trust after having my trust betrayed; love after having my heart broken; being curious after having seen a lot of the world (perhaps too much); searching for BEAUTY everywhere, after having seen so much ugliness and the list goes on and on.

I know this will annoy a lot of sad creatures but here we go ( it seems that annoying is my middle name, according to a lot of folks who are deeply bothered by other people´s joy): the world is an amazing place despite all the darkness/evilness, too obvious and omnipresent to be denied. 

Whatever we search for, we end up finding: golden rule*

Just met the most incredible gentleman at the house where Nobel Prize of Literature Ernest Hemingway was born (Oak Park, Chicago). A warrior, a story teller, Holocaust memory carrier, a Hemmingway lover, a writer himself. He told me to pass by the house Monday and take the autographed copies of his books (he made a point at offering them to me). Beautiful (gentle)man: beautiful soul: beautiful reminder of what´s REALLY important in life.

— in Ernest Hemingway House.

For every slap on the face there are a million kisses – make those count . (I know I do 🙂 )10171811_825558697473500_4344329286475891125_n

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