Lessons Learnt*


Egypt´s courtesy: learnt this lesson early on. One of the basic rules of survival for women* (and some men!)


Well: let me clarify: follow my steps while I´m teaching you but don´t follow my Path. Why? First of all: it´s mine. Second: copies are always second rate works of art. Third: each person path is unique & what makes my heart sing may probably not be the same thing it makes YOUR heart sing. Fourth (last but not the least): I DO run into walls – painful ones – and not everyone is built to run into “my walls” – don´t worry: you´ll surely find your own. In Dance as in Life: BE YOURSELF, everybody else is already taken (I think it was Oscar Wilde who said it).


Plain and simple: here´s the poetic message (and ALL I will ever have to say) to some creatures. Not even worth the fight: just a good old “fuck yourself” does the trick. There are assholes in this world and you don´t have to deal with them – accept and celebrate that fact by using the magical “F” word as eloquently as you can. Enjoy!


Life is not what happens to us but what we make of what happens to us. I´m not sure if everyone goes through shit – although I suppose everyone does -; I own my own life and know my own life, nobody else´s. Still…this I know for sure: we can use whatever tragedy (small or big and everything in between) to make us stronger, wiser, smarter, more interesting, compassionate and human or we can let it turns us into monsters. What happens to us may not be a choice (or maybe it is) but what we make of it actually is. As I usually say: “I´ve been gathering the stones and the scorpions of the roads and have built castles with them.”

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