Passion according to Joana Saahirah (in CHICAGO!)

Chicago major success unforgettable  1422438_10153334081745663_6814004585093428036_n

Passion is a hot – often misunderstood – topic and I´ve been (kindly) accused of having way too much of it by people who had – naturally – none. Passion is FIRE and fire burns. 1 + 1 = 2, you see? So it´s only natural cold folks find it hard to deal with warm:hot:scorching:sizzling creatures like me. Yet I haven´t the faintest idea on how to LIVE –  work:teach:perform:dance:write:CREATE & LOVE – without limitless amounts of it. It may be a handicap – I admit. :/

Chicago it is – FIRE, FLAMES & BURNING (what is not essential) included.

Sleepless in New York (it could be Seattle 😉 but it isn´t) – freshly (well: not so fresh) from magical Alaska where I enjoyed a last day of perfect union with Nature (moose, bears and eagles included).

Dear Mr. Jet Lag: give me a break.

(He didn´t). ´Spent the few hours I had before heading to the airport wondering around my bed, thinking, creating, restless beyond any jet lag. Next stop: CHICAGO, baby! Sponsored by the wonderful Erika Ochoa (you can find her on Facebook for further informations about the event).

We´ll open an UNFORGETTABLE weekend with “THE SECRETS OF EGYPT – DANCE, LIFE & BEYOND” Book presentation (F10712426_10152690588994886_2509570414905414119_oriday evening) and head full steam to a fabulous SHOW & a series of WORKSHOPS that will rock Chicago dancers´world.

More than sharing Dance and Knowledge, what I always aim to create is a HUMAN experience that awakens and unites us all around the same fire (fire: I told ya´: there´s gotta be fire). Expect nothing but (simply) THE BEST and remember YOU*´re part of it so don´t forget to bring your heart inside a sleeve and your soul inside the other.

Heading to Chicago on happy zombie mode. Magic on the way:10257758_827515110611192_5434094099871726517_n yallah!

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