A voice sang in my ear: I have a dream!

10449698_471044796363286_1707283285_nIt´s interesting where the Universe takes you when you are open and ready to LISTEN*

What´s your dream and how far would you go to make it come true?” – These were the unplanned questions I throwed at the audience in Anchorage (Alaska) last night while talking about my first published book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”. Once you actually read the book, you realize how much sense these two questions make and how central they are to my whole Journey (in Egypt and beyond 😉 ) but they were not on the top of my list when I prepared the lecture. At all.

The focus was on the REAL life of a foreign oriental dancer who has made it (I mean success without selling your soul to the devil) and not exactly on the magical questions: What´s your dream and how far would you go to make it true? Yet…I listened, as I usually (try to) do. Voices come to me from every corner – guiding, protecting and inspiring me. Whatever (or whoever) is the source of these voices, it certainly loves me because they have saved my life (literally) and have allowed me to grow consistently without an apparent guide.

Once I heard myself throw those questions to the audience, I suddenly realized that my purpose in life (I believe we all have one, at least one) is to inspire people in the direction of their best selves and their best life. Oriental Dance, Acting, Teaching, Writing, whatever I may do are just different roads taking me (us) to the same destination: reaching out for our full potential.

In gratitude, I bowed; I kept listening to that voice that has so frequently saved my life and went on speaking and whispering from the inner corners of my heart until I could see a new, fresh, different FIRE* lightened up inside that audience´s eyes. Whatever I achieve, I don´t achieve it only for myself- I now realize; I achieve it for every person in this world who doubts she/he CAN DO IT.

I´ve also mentioned a very dear concept (mentioned in the book) which resonated with several elements of the audience: reaching out for your dreams without selling your soul to the devil means, amongst many other things, walking on the mud without ever touching it. This made sense in the past – it still does at the present moment.

So I realized this too: making your dreams come true is not only about turning a wish* into materialized reality – it´s more than that. Making your dreams come true means building a character that is so strong, kind, brave, flexible yet fierce and dignified that no mud can ever touch you. You learn how to float above it – even kissing it. You learn how to get around it – even forgive it. You learn how to accept it – until it´s gone.

Thankful to Alaska, to Rabia Duddey (the sponsor) and to all the wonderful people who are allowing me to grow, once more (& always).  Ruth St. Denis as Radha, 1906

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