Quit understanding (the ultimate peace of mind)

FSCN4918 DSCN4890 DSCN4904 I´m listening to John Mayer (LA song) and watching the snow dance outside the window in Anchorage, Alaska. All is peaceful and I´m flowing with the moment – really flowing. Whatever happens, whatever comes my way, I´ll say yes, do my best and smile. Incredible, isn´t it? How many types of warriors can a person be in one single life time? Choosing the battles that are worth fighting is essential and wise – our time on earth (at least for this visit) is short and it´s not worth sweating the small stuff.

Accept the Mystery, the illogical (according to my own logic), the darkness and the light – accept that you´re not supposed to figure out everything and everybody´s mind. Cool off – cool down – cool.



They have bears and moose hanging around over here; they also have gigantic – mythological creature style – fish and a magical energy I can touch with the tip of my fingers. Another punch: another wake up call: another Major Ride: another Initiation: thanks, God, you know I can take it, digest it, turn it into Beauty (maybe even dance; maybe even love).

For some reason – or without one -, something comes to mind: quit trying to understand everything and everyone: life´s sweeter and more peaceful that way. Message received. 

Alaska new poster two

“The hills are alive with the sound of music with songs they have sung for a thousand years…”

Starting a fabulous – unique! – weekend tomorrow in Anchorage, Alaska. Focusing on the goodies, on the heart, on the ESSENTIAL. Hope to meet you all in this (one more!) Wonder*land.

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