The Silence (X) Factor


Image courtesy: Sara França – aka Little Bird

Silence is as precious as music and movement is as precious as stillness as far as I´m concerned – you know my motto: “in dance as in life”.

When you have nothing to say, say nothing (repeat after me: in dance as in life). I know we´re raised and educated to move, do (non-stop!), be hysterically active and industrial in our daily routines & prove ourselves through constant action but life is not always about walking – it is also about stopping and smelling the flowers; stopping and LISTENING; stopping and FEELING the moment; stopping and just BEING; stopping*

When I think about how long the way still is (regarding Oriental Dance understanding and practice), I almost (almost) feel like giving up and turning to agriculture for a living but then the Old Flame returns to remind me my job isn´t done yet and this road is worth walking on (and stopping by to admire the landscape, once in a while).

The more we´re able to LIVE comfortably in silence (stillness), the more we´re able to move with the music, act, create, go forward and inward with total presence.

In Dance. As. In Life (on repeat mode).


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