What are you hunting, tiger?

I´m a star…Roxie-Hart-chicago-the-movie-2943097-852-480

And they love me

And I love them

And they love me for loving them

And I love them for loving me

And that´s because none of us got enough love  in our childhoods

And that´s show biz, folks!”

Roxie Hart (after murdering her lover and seeing herself on the newspapers), Chicago musical.


What are you hunting, tiger?

What do dancers/actors/singers/writers are searching for when they share their work with the world? So much greed, vanity, ego trips, competition and thirst for approval and so little respect & love for the craft.  I dance on a stage outpouring LOVE, LIFE, GIFTS and not on a default mode (give me something: give me attention: give me desire: give me applauses: give me, give me, give me!); I dance on a stage carrying a treasure in my chest, a treasure I will share with my audience – I am not a beggar. I am a Q-U-E-E-N. Confusion and mixed up reasons/purposes are everywhere to be found – the dance world is a great (and sad) exemple of that. Want to see more ARTISTS and not attention desperate addicts. We have more than enough of those. Next!



P.S. New York is truly running in my veins. Bitch slap – BIG TIME. 

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