“Give it to me, baby!” – New York men obsession*


“Uh, baby!”

Never heard the word “baby” said in so many tones, accents, intentions and “shades of grey” as in this last few days. New York men (of every nationality) are obsessed with the B word (wondering if it´s connected to the lack of mother care when they were little kids).
I´ve laughed, gasped, took notes and laughed some more since I´ve arrived to NY:
“Oh, baby!”

“Wass´up, baby?”

“Looking great, baby!”

“That´s what I´m talking about, baby!”

“Work it, baby!”

“Give me some of that, baby!”

“No way, baby!”

“Do you want me to run with you, baby?”

“Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, baby!”10154150_10202742083887773_607722699_n

“Hell, yeah, baby” and the list goes on. It´s delightful.

P.S: Running in some – peculiar – zones of Coney Island is not for sissies. Then again: “I´ve lived and worked in Cairo for years, baby! Give me Coney Island; give me Queens; give me the Bronx: I´ll eat them for breakfast with a bunch of hot dogs on the side”.

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