Keep away from the Hot (hot!) dog(s)!

10322836_563657837088207_8436039633830721758_nA huge bright, yelling red flag to all New York street food vendors. You´re the agents of the Devil!

No (many) comments required: I´m a dancer and I have to take care of my body (health and professional reasons).

Why? Oh, why does New York feed my culinary lust in such despondent manners?! Dear Big Apple, please be gentle and be faithful to your (healthy) name. Here are some images that symbolize modern New York temptations and its immense ethnic diversity.


Greek coffee* – one of the oldest NY items.


The pretzel – an institution in itself.

imageshot dogggg

Mr Hot Dog. No, it´s not fancy french cuisine: it´s a sausage sleeping on a piece of bread covered in mustard and onion. It´s american: it´s simple: it´s the kig of Comfort food and it´s surprisingly romantic (I´ve been learning a thing or two in NY).

Warning to the self: keep away from the hot dogs – any hot dogs. Thanks.

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