The willingness to fail*


Nothing puts me off creative mood so efficiently as lack of humbleness, character and the willingness to fail: qualities that ALL real artists and dreamers carry within. If you´re always too afraid to make an a……. of yourself, you end up dancing like one (yes: an ass! – pardom my French).

Why do people take themselves so seriously?! Why showing that they don´t know everything or are able to make mistakes seems to be the equivalent to humiliation? The fact that most Oriental Dance students arrive to this craft in adulthood and without a previous artistic education helps the frequent Ego trips and Diva attacks – if you´ve been trained since early childhood (as I was), you´re used to be put on the spotlight, judged, criticized in public for every single movement. You get over it – mainly, you get over yourself and your own idea of untouchable greateness.

I say: FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! The only ones who never fail are the ones who never try – the true mythical losers. Plus: life´s short and nobody – I mean: NOBODY – thinks you´re THAT important. Really! People have better concerns to focus on and aren´t nearly as judgemental as we are tow969485_632046800212727_810431736_nards ourselves.

Get a grip – in dance as in life: fail. Then do it better and better and better (I´m still talking about failing).There´s agood number of failed acts that turned out to be Geniuses.

Correct, comfortable, predictable and safe are cool but they don´t aim for GREATNESS – they´re always average, just what everybody is expecting (no news there; no advancement; no shock or surprise; no evolution), an eternal step behind  Creativity.

There´s a reason why I create safe, warm, empowering, loving atmospheres when I´m teaching: I need dancers to feel FREE and at home: free to try, free to make mistakes, free to surprise themselves, free to search, free to fail and – ultimately – free to succeed (curiously enough, what scares us the most – go figure!).


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