Joana Saahirah in New York (eating the whole Apple*)

new york three

Meeting Manhattan once again – a totally different me, a totally different Manhattan. Cities are as alive as the people who live in them.

new york one

At Rocky´s studio doing last minute changes and improvements to the choreographies I´ll teach this weekend. In love with my craft*

How could I even forget how brutal, amazing, ambitious, grand, crazy and (life) charged this city is?! New York is huge – in every sense of the word. While still recovering from the predictable jet lag, I´ve already managed to convince myself I am in New York to teach and perform – talk about ambition and talk about FULL CIRCLE MOMENTS, baby!

I was in this same city 6 years ago – as a student. Although I was already performing with my band in Egypt – full blast success and growth – the truth is that my name was pretty much unknown outside of the Pharaohs´land. I stood with a friend – Kanari – in a gorgeous loft a few streets from Broadway (in other words: in heaven) and took classes with some of my favourite teachers (Morocco – my dear friend and sponsor – included). I took that trip by the horns and promised myself: “next time I come to the Big Apple, it won´t be as a student but as a teacher, performer and published author with authentic, juicy, treasure filled suitcases of material to share. I will be the invited artist – not just the student who attends other artists´seminars and shows.”


new york two

Brooklyn bridge at sunset*


That´s how it works with me: I take my promises VERY seriously.

Here I am, sponsored by one the dancers/teachers/human beings I admire and respect the most; here I am, 6 years after, having MADE IT* in Egypt and travelled all around the world to share my Vision* of Oriental Dance; here I am, carrying my first published book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”; here I am, eager to teach, perform, communicate, LIVE* my dream – one more st5e64a-10461846_471043236363442_1405312828_nep heading to the mountain tops I choose for myself.

Thankful? Yes.

Blessed? Oh, yeah.

Honoured? Of course.

Surprised? Hell, no! I´ve worked from my guts´soul to get where I am right now – nothing was handed to me (and I mean: NOTHING). The higher we get, the more we see how wide the horizon really is. Becoming humbler and simpler is just part of the process of becoming an Artist (and, not coincidently, a human being as well).

In humbleness and utter simplicity, I bow to this abundant Life that never drops my hand throughout this amazing ROAD*********************

Thanks to Rocky for trusting me and my work – let´s ROCK (Rocky – no, it´s not a coincidence!) NEW YORK!


Yeah, baby!

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