What do you carry in your luggage?

1959467_765707770119769_55387945151188985_nIt could be asked at the airport but it´s me, asking myself ,(not) for a change: what do you carry in your luggage?

One chaotic bag is hanging around in my room for a week: some make-up for the shows makes its own dance inside it; one or another prop, nylon stockings, a perfume bottle (I never travel in style but I´m always perfumed), a heavy coat for Alaska (one of the cities of my first USA tour).I look deeper: there must be something else inside that disarranged bag and we must be careful what we carry on these days (not only because of airport control but because of what we´re asking from that trip).



You receive what you give, so they say. I´m not so sure it´s that linear but some of it makes sense: a trip, may it be for plea10576963_846969455326933_2663804479880414103_nsure or business (or both, in my case! 🙂 ) is always a chance to get out of yourself, your comfort zone, your known territory and browse the world on a wider sense. If what you bring in your luggage is fear, insecurity, apprehension and lack of curiosity, you really can´t expect great things to unfold.  I know for a fact that, even when your arms are open and filled with love, you´re still prone to find weird (what´s normal, anyway?!) experiences ahead. Bringing wonder*ful stuff inside of you (in your luggage) doesn´t keep the darker side of life ashore but it DOES* save you from cynicism and what I think it´s the worst of all losses: our innocence.

Traveling ma10352596_601939563237477_3285355740014663303_ny well be a luxurious way of getting to know ourselves out of apparent differences (the illusion of The Other).

As I pack to New York (then Alaska and Chicago), I am careful (“ma non troppo“) with all I carry with me. Yes: the only way to defend myself from the dark side of the street is by never walking on the “sunny side of the street” (thanks, my beloved Billie Holiday) but those rides are worth the Walk, aren´t they? Both of them.

Aside from the chaos ballroom that rocks my bag at the moment – ready to head to the airport – , here´s the list of items I have lined up for the road:

1. Love – always. There would be no point on getting up in the morning if this wasn´t my breathing dominant tone.


Proud first baby of a proud mom!

2. Music, dance, glitter that (truly*) comes from the heart to use in my teaching, performances and lectures (presentation of my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond“).

3. Passion – ahhhhh, The Fire. Another MUST*

4. Faith in the unexpected gifts Life/God always brings me (feeling grateful in advance).

5. Creativity, openness, willingness to LEARN more than I teach.

6. DREAMS – many, many, many: the matter of which I am made.

7. BELIEF in all that is sweet, positive, beautiful, artful, WONDER*-WONDER*-WONDER* (3 is the number!)-full. FULL! 


You see what you are*

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