Passion Versus Love (living and learning)

10001561_799556030073767_273268497_n It has always been easy (too easy) for me to leave (a country, a job, a relationship, any situation where passion and respect are not flowing). Is this good? Bad? Who can say? There are two sides to every coin; remember what Clarice Lispector wrote (something similar to this): “Please show some respect for my flaws; if you erase them, you erase the positive qualities that come with them”.

The courage to LEAVE, to say goodbye, to end when the FIRE has been extinguished – indeed that´s who I am but…I now discover another kind of courage: the courage to STAY, even when the fire is off (this is totally new for 1975058_809907495705287_908905584_nme!). Disrespect, humiliation, indifference, beatrayal and lack of love are still (and always) deal breakers but not leaving too soon, not choosing the fresh, new, exciting beginning over the top of the mountain that took so much to properly climb is something I´m mastering at the moment.

Passion is not similar to LOVE* – it took me this long to REALLY understand it. Oriental Dance can be (it is) a hard mountain to climb (if you have high hopes and respect for it and for yourself) but it´s a worthy one, despite all darkness on the road.

Learning to LOVE and rediscovering a deeper, eternal kind of passion on the way.

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